iCarly is a a popular 2007 Nickelodeon sitcom.It ran from 2007 to the final episode in 2012 with iGoodbye.It features three friends Carly Shay,Sam Pucket,and Freddie Benson that have an online webshow show called iCarly.It now has reruns on Teen Nick and Nickelodeon.
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As the website in the show,there is a real iCarly website.It has games,blogs,videos,and more.It is still running after the show's final episode.

Website Link:
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  1. The Ultimate iCarly Game
  2. Gibby Pinball
  3. iGo to NY
  4. Sam's B-Ball Brawl
  5. Bottle Bot Maze
  6. Messin'with Lubert


Carly Shay | Sam Puckett | Freddie Benson | Spencer Shay | Gibby

iCarly | iCarly 2: iJoin the Click! | iCarly: Groovy Foodie!

Online games:
The Ultimate iCarly game | Gibby Pinball | iGo to NY | Sam's B-Ball Brawl | Bottle Bot Maze | Messin'with Lubert

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